Nature and function
INCOGNITO is an Estonian furniture range. The nature of the items is implied in the name – it is simple, yet has a hidden twist. They are fun, with little secrets of their own and intended for homes that feel good!
INCOGNITO means quality at an affordable price, practical products with excellent design. All items come in right dimensions providing for comfort and are a pleasure to touch. INCOGNITO furniture is characterised by simplicity and creativity, durability of the materials used and functionality of the products.
Materials and finishing
Furniture shells are made of solid wood panels covered with natural wood laminate; additional tonality is provided by high-gloss doors and drawer surfaces. The range is constantly being expanded and adjusted to the keywords of the times: it is lively and playful. Perforated aluminium knobs are used as a joyful design element, catering for a stylish visual effect that is combined with a practical nature. Their main purpose, however, is to remind us not to take things too seriously.
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