During the fourteen years of activity, the INCOGNITO furniture range has achieved the status of a domestic design classic. This is a great achievement. The designer furniture range characterised by a metal ring knob, the uncompromised quality, the designer Jan Graps, and personal and attractive nature has shown the path for many local furniture manufacturers and designers. INCOGNITO’s “things with a hole” are admired by many people and they have been copied.
The fame and recognition of INCOGNITO has been earned thanks to one furniture range. But times have moved on. New modern homes need a personal approach, for people’s needs are different. Many of our loyal customers wish us to design and manufacture home furniture with INCOGNITO quality, characteristic features and moods that would suit precisely their needs. We continue doing this with pleasure. But we cannot do everything and all the time.

This is why we negotiate with the best European designer furniture manufacturers, furniture designers and designer associations whose way of thinking, creations and products support the INCOGNITO vision of a home that feels good. Such a home is as natural as possible, simple, organic and well thought through. We already have ten like-minded partners on the many-layered European design landscape, and you will soon be able to acquire their products exclusively via INCOGNITO. But this is only the beginning!

In order to bring to you all these new, interesting, beautiful items that are rarely seen or even unique in Estonia, we are in the process of establishing a new website of home that feels good with the name of HOME24. HOME24 will be an exclusive salon in your computer. HOME24 will include everything that your home may need – furniture, accessories, literature (in the field of interior design), gift ideas, catalogues, local, European and other well-known designers and rising talents from all around the world together with their creations. HOME24 will help you to design your own home; you can revisit it repeatedly in order to read something educating and interesting about your favourite field, to look around and to obtain something new.

We are convinced that HOME24 will make creating a home that feels good convenient, educating and enjoyable for you, so that you will want to repeat the experience!

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